Shelf Noise and Standing Out

It’s awfully loud on the shelves these days.

Walking down the aisle of your local superstore, your eyes are bombarded. Bright colors assault you from every row. A menagerie of shapes jump off the shelf as traditional boxy packaging competes with triangulated and circular cartons for space. Odd textures creep into your peripheral vision, and every so often, a metallic glisten distracts you from your shopping quest.

Let’s face it, it’s an oversaturated marketplace. For every brand of chocolate chip cookie out there, you’ll find ten more lurking in the wings, hoping to gain a chunk of the sales. These cookies might be virtually indistinguishable in appearance and in taste, and so the only way to catch the customer’s eye – and perhaps, cause them to switch brand loyalty – is with distinctive packaging.

And companies are certainly stepping up to the challenge. From juice cartons shaped like actual fruit slices, to beer bottles baring Nacho Libre masks, to CD packages resembling packaged lunch meat, to detergent hiding inside dumbbells, today’s shelves are more interesting – if not more overwhelming – than other. That doesn’t even take into account the hordes of conventionally packaged products that attempt to use fancy materials, like corrugated cardboard, metallic, shiny labels, or fabric en lieu of standard cardstock. When the big popular brands get on board with this unique approach, the proposition of making your product stand out seems hopeless.

It’s especially important to stand out on the shelves as a private brand because increasingly, customers are choosing private labels for reasons beyond cost. Target, Safeway, Publix and other large retailers all have private brands that sell competitively, even though they are often priced at the same point as their big brand counterparts. Target uses a label for their Threshold product that is both simple and elegant, conveying a classic appeal that resonates with choosy consumers. Publix has built an entire array of healthy, organic products under the Greenwise name, and aggressively markets them through displays, signage and online marketing.

If you’re convinced that stepping up your packaging game is a wise next step for your product, you’re probably right. And whether that means revamping your label design or changing up the look of your package entirely, we can best suit your needs. You might want to print off five different variations of a label to evaluate, and our company allows for low-cost prototyping thanks to short run capabilities. If you use a company like Vibrant Graphics, you can also benefit from our flexible packaging capabilities – with our creative staff and technical know-how, the sky’s the limit when turning your ideas into reality. And you might even benefit from the “no label” look which we achieve through in-mold labels, another way to give your product the competitive edge.

Although it’s loud on the shelf, you can quiet the chatter when your product clearly stands out above the rest. That’s trickier than ever in the modern marketplace, making a reliable, innovative printing partner essential.

If you’ve been just thinking about where the volume control is to ‘turn down the visual noise’ from your competitors so your brand can be ‘heard’ I suggest you take a few minutes to check out This team is exceptional at assisting you to through the process, from dream to design, production to delivery, and we’ll suggest unique packaging and labeling ideas along the way. Request a free quote or sample and get started today


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