No “I” in Team? Gold medal performances in sports and in life.

I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics games and the recent London Olympics provided some the best athletic performances to date.  After watching these games for years, it finally hit me that there is, in fact, an ‘I’ in Team. 

Individual athletes had to train and prepare for years just to meet the criteria before being invited onto the team.  The coaches then weeded through this crop of outstanding athletes to find the best of the best – who would give the team the gold medal advantage heading in to the Olympics. There was an unspoken expectation that each individual would come prepared to perform at the highest level.  Anything less would dash their Olympic dreams altogether. 

I found it interesting when the TV commentators would comment if there was a ‘rookie’ on the team and speculate if the ‘first time jitters’ would impact the overall team’s performance, even though this ‘rookie’ had great potential and had beat out many other skilled athletes to qualify to compete at the Olympic level.  The only difference was not being part of this team.    

When it comes to the business world, lack of team experience can be just as detrimental. Business decisions are often based on team cohesiveness and its byproducts: knowledge, responsiveness, quality, and problem solving skills. If one company outperforms another on all of these measures, then they have the inside track to winning the job. Likewise, new employees are often selected based on their perceived ability to mesh with the existing team – the less they seem able to do so, the less likely they are to get the job.

I talk often about ‘teams’ in our company only to realize that it’s the individuals that make up that team; each with their own set of skills and expertise.  And when combined together the power of these collective individuals brings out the best of the best.  That’s why it’s so important to hire employees who fit our team mentality, and it’s also why we’ve established a group of industry experts to comprise our team. It makes you less prone to rookie mistakes, which come when individuals lack knowledge of the system in place. Of course, mistakes occur in any company, but a strong team is much more likely to compensate and overcome.

Our current staff members have joined at various intervals along the way, and today we offer over 70 combined years of printing expertise. Each Vibrant team member has a solid knowledge of all printing techniques in the industry – not just digital – and believes in the outstanding potential of the digital process. We’ve all had the opportunity to work in various sectors of the printing industry, which allows for a solid perspective of digital’s place in the industry, as well as its distinct advantages. Just like Olympic athletes, we’ve put a lot of training into our trade, and while they are no gold medals on the line, we think exceeding our customers’ expectations is even more important.

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a print provider, as coaches do when they select their starting Olympic lineups. Those decisions come down to performance, and we think our team has the winning combination of savvy individuals who can keep you on top of your game. 

If you would like more information about the benefits and unique solutions Vibrant Graphics experienced team can bring to your product label, please call us at 414-352-0759 or visit us at We’d be happy to provide you with no cost samples of our ideas to use.    


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