Stand Out Among the Clutter!

Today’s market is all about choices and at times it can be a little overwhelming for the consumer. Markers have to work harder than ever before to make sure their product is standing out on store shelves. Brad Hanna discusses this in his recent blog, Private Label Food Marketer: Too Much Choice. He talks about the shift from consumers comparing products on store shelves to buying the first brand they actively consider. He writes, “It’s necessary to engage in more intensive behavioral research and attention to brand architecture and packaging detail.” He goes on to write, “In an age of too much choice, the manufacturer needs to do the front-end work in packaging design and brand architecture to visually dominate, simplify the shopping experience and emotionally connect with shoppers.”

In a world of choices, it’s all about which product can be the first to grab the consumer’s attention.  The packaging of a product must be able to make a connection with the consumer and stop them when moving through the store aisle. Take for example, lip balm. There are numerous varieties in numerous shapes and colors. How do you make your lip balm stand out from the rest of the competition?

Recently Burt’s Bees answered this question with the launch of their new packaging design for their tinted lip balm. The outside packaging consists of a cardboard tube made from completely recycled materials. When you slide the tube open, the tinted lip balm sits inside of it. Not only does the packaging catch your eye when sitting on the store shelf, it differentiates the tinted lip balm from its other products as well as the products of its competitors. Burt’s Bees added value to their lip balm by making the packaging unique.

The outside of the tube has a clean design and the inside tube tells the consumer what the color is going to look like. The extra packaging allows for more text and advertising space for the brand. Since the outside packaging is bigger than the other lip balms, it easily differentiates itself from the competition. This difference in packaging immediately draws in the eye of the consumer. In a market where a product only has mere seconds to catch the consumer, Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm does the job right. It reminds us of the importance of standing out in a store full of choices.

What would you do to make your product stand out?


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