What’s In a Code?

A Quick Response (QR) Code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone. They have exploded onto the digital scene and become one of the biggest trends of 2010. Not only are the small black and white squares easy to use they are easy to create, allowing just about anyone to claim their identity through a code. More and More businesses and advertisers are using the new trend as a way to connect their audience to a landing page (the page that appears after someone scans the code) and instantly offer more information than what can fit on a product label or in an Ad.

To read the code, download a barcode reader app on your smartphone. Next, point your camera phone toward the code and it will instantly connect you to a landing page. It’s that easy! If you are looking to create a QR code, there are websites that will do it for you, such as createqrcode.appspot.com. Once you have created the code, right-click and save it to your computer. Then insert it into any document just like you would any image. Once the code is made you can resize the image, but it must remain square. Also, be sure not to crop away the white boarder. It is needed to be recognized as a code by a smartphone. Make sure the code stays black and white. Print it on either white paper or any paper that is light enough to contrast with the black square. It is a good idea to test a code you create with your own smartphone just to be sure it works properly.

Are you still wondering what all the hype is about?

Ways to use QR Codes on your product label:
– Discount Coupons
– Product give-a-ways
– Contest awards
– Upcoming events you are involved in
– Link to a menu
– Link to a website
– Link to recipes or serving suggestions
– Link to an online owner’s manual
– Product details
– Link to a video

Imagine you are having your in-laws over for dinner. You go to the grocery store to start picking up what you need. Steak is on the menu. As you head towards the meat department and browse the different options you notice a QR Code on the packaging of one of the steaks. You pull out your phone and scan the code. It immediately takes you to a list of wines that are recommended for pairing with that steak. You pick up the wine and your dinner is a great success. Your in-laws are impressed with how well your choice of wine goes with the meal. You accept the compliment…they don’t ever have to know!

QR Codes are a great fit for product labels. They are expected to gain even more momentum in 2011. Don’t get left behind! Create your QR Code today and start offering more information and incentives to your customers.


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