TAG…YOU’RE IT. It’s your turn to discover how the MS Tag can help your business!

Hint: scan this code for a special promotion!


What is a Microsoft Tag, anyway?


A Microsoft Tag (MS Tag) is a two-dimensional barcode.  Once the MS Tag is scanned on a mobile phone, customers can be connected directly to you. 

How do I view a MS Tag?
Viewing a MS Tag is easy!  Simply point your camera phone toward the code, and a smart phone application decodes the image.  MS Tag applications for smartphones are available for most smart-phones, or ‘app-based’ phones, with a built-in-camera.  Click here to read more about MS Tags!
How can I use a MS Tag on my product label? 

  • Product information
  • Discount Coupons
  • Product give-a-ways
  • contest awards
  • upcoming events you are involved in
  • Window shopping
  • Menu Signage
  • Link to a website
  • Anti-counterfeit security tags
MS Tags are a logical fit for packaging labels.  They bring immediacy to your message.  Imagine picking an item
off the grocery store shelf, scanning it, and being directly linked to a company’s website, special promotion, product information, or even recipes. 






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