Vibrant Graphics CEO travels to Israel to attend HP’s “Commercial VIP Event”

Dinner by the Mediterranean Sea might not be a typical ‘Wednesday-night-happening’ for most, but it certainly was for Vibrant Graphics CEO, Mike Sewart.  Recently, Sewart embarked on a journey to Tel Aviv, Israel, to attend a “Commercial VIP Event,” hosted by Hewlett-Packard (HP) Indigo Digital Press Headquarters.    

This event served as an opportunity for Indigo’s technology partners (including journalists, visiting customers, and analysts) to interact with another and view each other’s wares.  During this event, HP reinforced their dominance in the printing industry by exhibiting its digital press manufacturing plant and the R&D facilities.  HP Shared the company’s newest WS 6000 Press.  This HP Indigo press is typically used for printing of labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons and specialty printing.  It is unique because of the streamlined digital workflow versus analogue.  Sewart avowed that there are many opportunities with the WS6000 Press, including printing at a higher speed and expanding larger print-runs.        

 Sewart was able to see a product demonstration of the new HP Indigo 6000 press in the R&D facilities he toured.  “Indigo provided insight on the current context of digital printing and presented growing market opportunities.”  Two areas of growth that were reported to have a growing market opportunity were shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. 

 A focus of the conference that Sewart would like to further implement at Vibrant’s local production facilities is to further increase digital printing reliability and reduce waste by using software applications for digital technology.  Sewart would like to reduce additional waste using automated print inspection as well as computer graphics technology. 

Sewart was impressed by the quality and attention to detail that the Indigo operators in Israel had. The business model used in Israel promotes low emissions, saves money, and will leave a lighter footprint.  Reportedly, the factory was highly monitored, which contributed to their lean approach.  “Everyone is so prepared and detail oriented that nobody is ever out of parts…the business model used in Israel is very unique and offers better operational agility,” said Sewart.  “Engineers at the headquarters think of every aspect in advance.”  For example, there is continuous testing to ensure that the electrical wiring is sufficient in order to avoid any shorts in the system. 

 Israel currently ranks 3rd in the world for technological advancements and 1st for R&D investments, and rightfully so.  HP is the epitome of the aforementioned technological advancements and digital printing innovations.  HP is constantly redefining printing options and processes, and Vibrant Graphics has found a great company to partner with in our endeavors.


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