Reminder: There Are Safe Decorating Methods Out There

With the recent news surrounding McDonald’s move to recall all of their Shrek themed glassware (this after an anonymous tip that the paint on the glasses contained cadmium), consumers have the right to be worried about what’s in many other decorated products. Cadmium is a chemical that can become a carcinogen at high levels, causing serious health problems including kidney and bone damage. The paint used to decorate the glasses is very different from the inks that Vibrant Graphics uses for the in-mold labeling printing process. Our HP certified inks are safe for indirect food contact, and they meet  both Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act 21 U.S.C. 201  and the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008 requirements, as well as being free from lead, hazardous air pollutants or phthalates. Our inks are eco-friendly, causing no direct threat to the environment, and HP was ranked #1 out of 500 companies in Newsweek’s 2009 Green Ratings.  The films and protective coatings that we use do not contain any hazardous substances, as verified by material safety data sheets and regulatory standards. Overall, our procedures are very consumer friendly, and modern techniques for in-mold labeling and decorating are extremely safe. At Vibrant Graphics, we’ll continue to work to cement trust with our customers and our consumers, and we want you to remember that we will never compromise safety for sales.


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