Packaging More Influential Than Television Advertising?

discarded TVCheck out the results of this new Nielson study… it finds that 50% of customers learn about products where they purchase them, as opposed to 36% who learn about products from TV advertisements. Moral of the story: Why spend big bucks on TV commercials to promote your brand, when well-designed packaging is more informative and perhaps more likely to seal the sale? There are a number of ways that you can spend your marketing budget, but this study indicates that a great investment is in your product packaging, ensuring that your message is clearly and attractively stated and that you’ve made good use of color and graphics. An eye-catching label, a clever spin on a traditional box, or use of unique materials can help catapult you directly into the center of attention.  Once you’ve done that, you’re much better positioned to compete and win on the shelves, especially since more and more consumers don’t get product information from traditional media, and wait until they reach the stores to figure out what’s best to buy. Here’s the link to the story below:

Is your product packaging primed to succeed? If not, what do you need to invest to make sure it’s reaching your target audience?


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