It’s Not So Hard Being Green: Why Vibrant’s Uniquely Eco-friendly

Here’s a post that our pre-press specialist, Alex, supplied for our most recent newsletter. We like it enough to post it again here. Enjoy!

What does Vibrant Graphics have in common with Kermit the Frog?  No, it’s not the ambition to move to Hollywood and become a famous actor or the overly   needy girlfriend.  We’re both GREEN!  Vibrant has found a way to not only help the environment by being green, but also help our customers.

Traditional printing can take hours to set-up a press and several hundred feet of material.  Vibrant’s digital solution eliminates that waste. The ability to produce short runs of product with minimal set-up means we waste less time and material…which means the cost can go down.

Even the materials we print on are an earth-friendly cost saver. We print our labels on thin, unsupported Polypropylene(PP) film.  Since there is no adhesive and no liner, we have instantly reduced our carbon footprint.  Once again, this not only reduces material consumption, but also material cost – and PP is also easily recycled, so the little waste we create is properly converted.

The inks used in digital printing may look like CMYK, but they are really all “green.”  Since the inks are polymer based and travel in an oil vehicle, there are no messy solvent wastes.  All that is left behind is non-toxic toner oil which can be disposed of by facilities with the proper waste stream abilities.  Not even soy inks can say that. So, I guess it really is easy being green.  Sorry Kermit.


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